The Spooks by The Door

The Spooks by The Door

A podcast for black millennials highlighting black voices and perspectives while discussing the politics of pop culture. New Episodes Bi-Weekly.

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    S3 Bonus - Wakanda Forever

    Are we late if we weren't even supposed to come thru? Baka and Tariq sit down to discuss Black Panther, Killmonger and Representation. Shout out to M'Baku. Ice Tray Da Gang. Stay Fed, Brothas and Sistas

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    S3E3 - Justafren

    Twas a Friday night and The Good Spooks were kickin it one time. New guests Candace (@CultClassic) and Courtney (le_court) join Baka (OGbaka_), EV (@evduzit) and Mal (@itsyaboyson) in a wide ranging conversation touching on supporting black media in 2018 and Black Male and Female Friendship. Queue up and get right. Happy Valentine's Day Black People. Spread Luv and #StayFed

    The Court Report Podcast engages, educates and empowers everything black, especially black millennials. Through her authentic and energetic delivery, the host, Courtney establishes The Court Report as more than just a show, its tool for the culture. As a member of the One Love Massive network, the show represents our generation as the voice of the region. Get access to the latest episodes of The Court Report via SoundCloud.

    CultTV is where culture connects. On Tuesday nights the host, CultClassiq chats with black millennials about life and entrepreneurship with the goal of sharing an honest, behind-the-scenes view of the work that goes into building culture and community. Connect with all things CultTV including The CultList, a weekly curated list of people, places and events worthy of a cult-following and her blog via Instagram, @CultClassiq.

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    S3E2 - The Necessity Of Truth

    NEWSPOOKS Bars for days on this one. DC Creative and Journalist Marcus K. Dowling joins Baka and EV to discuss things like: -Marcus growing up in DC and the choice to leave the feds for freelance work. -Passive and Active Creativity -Wilmington, Delaware in 2018 is DC in 86. -How do we move beyond just getting over and really internalize the truth? -Truth and the Creative -Why you have to know your own aesthetic before you can create Dis joint’s loaded. Hit the link in our bio to find us on your favorite podcast platform. Listen up, #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother.

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    S3E1 - The Spectacle Of Our Pain

    SPOOKS3 is here. Baka, EV , and Mal return to discuss if Dave Chappelle is aiming too low in his latest stand ups and we give our in depth analysis of Black Mirror’s Season Finale “Black Museum”. Mad Spoilers. But either way - Subscribe. Rate. Review. Tell A Friend. Tell Ya Momma. Tell Becky. #STAYFED and most importantly, #FEEDANOTHER

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    S2Finale - #NotYaMamaKwanzaa

    Habari Gani! Today marks the first day of Kwanzaa, Umoja and the return of @SpooksPod!The Good Spooks flexed their Unity and got together to reflect on 2017, the 7 Principles and important lessons learned that everyone can appreciate. Queue it up, listen in, #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother

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    S2E17 - The Elegant Erkel Episode

    We been gone for a min but we back wit the jumpoff - Baka sits down with @shwtyblck and @modjodo of Elegant Erkel Neckwear (@niceknot). El and Black take us through their come up and drop gems on being black business owners. Gon head and queue it up. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother #SPOOKS3 is coming...

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    S2E16 - Exception

    Have you ever heard a person of color described as "Articulate"? On this episode of The Spooks by the Door, Baka, EV and Devon discuss what it means to be "The Exceptional Negro" and the mind fuck that comes with it. This was Devon's last episode before heading to Berlin for grad school so tune in for these bars. Follow The Spooks by the Door everywhere at @spookspod. Subscribe, Rate, Review and be sure to #FeedAnother

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    S2E15 - Black Is The New White

    Are Black Men the White Men of Black People? Baka and crew get together and discuss Damon Young's article "Straight Black Men are the White People of Black People". This one gets heated. Tune in. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother -Baka

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    S2E14 - My OG Said

    Live from @Jjohnsonthegreat apartment, SpooksPod is in ATL to chat about our elders. @Diplowmatic joins Baka and J to rap about what it means to be an elder in today's black community and how do we age gracefully into community leaders. Also discussed: Peace to Dick Gregory No Country for Black Pride? - Jim Brown and Mike Vick on Colin Kaepernick Listen to Troll Gawds and For The Culture Podcast on all major podcast networks. Culture Push Media #StayFed #40Carries

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    S2E13 - Get Yall Mans

    We had to bring the disclaimer back! @OGBAKA_, @EVduzit, @Devonm_ and KiKi the Many Faced God sit down to discuss the events in Charlottesville. Stay Fed good people.

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