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The Spooks by The Door

A podcast for black millennials highlighting black voices and perspectives while discussing the politics of pop culture. New Episodes Bi-Weekly.

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    S3E4 - The Event Nation Episode

    Spookspod is back with a new set of special guests. The Good Spook OGBaka sits down with Moss, Asad and Sammy of Event Nation to talk about the good hustle. Listen up as the crew talks being lifelong friends and starting a business, challenges to moving as a young POC startup and growing pains that come with doing it on ya own. This one for the Young Black Entrepreneurs. Stay Fed and most importantly, Feed Another.

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    S3 Bonus - Wakanda Forever

    Are we late if we weren't even supposed to come thru? Baka and Tariq sit down to discuss Black Panther, Killmonger and Representation. Shout out to M'Baku. Ice Tray Da Gang. Stay Fed, Brothas and Sistas

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    S3E3 - Justafren

    Twas a Friday night and The Good Spooks were kickin it one time. New guests Candace (@CultClassic) and Courtney (le_court) join Baka (OGbaka_), EV (@evduzit) and Mal (@itsyaboyson) in a wide ranging conversation touching on supporting black media in 2018 and Black Male and Female Friendship. Queue up and get right. Happy Valentine's Day Black People. Spread Luv and #StayFed

    The Court Report Podcast engages, educates and empowers everything black, especially black millennials. Through her authentic and energetic delivery, the host, Courtney establishes The Court Report as more than just a show, its tool for the culture. As a member of the One Love Massive network, the show represents our generation as the voice of the region. Get access to the latest episodes of The Court Report via SoundCloud.

    CultTV is where culture connects. On Tuesday nights the host, CultClassiq chats with black millennials about life and entrepreneurship with the goal of sharing an honest, behind-the-scenes view of the work that goes into building culture and community. Connect with all things CultTV including The CultList, a weekly curated list of people, places and events worthy of a cult-following and her blog via Instagram, @CultClassiq.

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    S3E2 - The Necessity Of Truth

    NEWSPOOKS Bars for days on this one. DC Creative and Journalist Marcus K. Dowling joins Baka and EV to discuss things like: -Marcus growing up in DC and the choice to leave the feds for freelance work. -Passive and Active Creativity -Wilmington, Delaware in 2018 is DC in 86. -How do we move beyond just getting over and really internalize the truth? -Truth and the Creative -Why you have to know your own aesthetic before you can create Dis joint’s loaded. Hit the link in our bio to find us on your favorite podcast platform. Listen up, #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother.

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    S3E1 - The Spectacle Of Our Pain

    SPOOKS3 is here. Baka, EV , and Mal return to discuss if Dave Chappelle is aiming too low in his latest stand ups and we give our in depth analysis of Black Mirror’s Season Finale “Black Museum”. Mad Spoilers. But either way - Subscribe. Rate. Review. Tell A Friend. Tell Ya Momma. Tell Becky. #STAYFED and most importantly, #FEEDANOTHER

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    S2Finale - #NotYaMamaKwanzaa

    Habari Gani! Today marks the first day of Kwanzaa, Umoja and the return of @SpooksPod!The Good Spooks flexed their Unity and got together to reflect on 2017, the 7 Principles and important lessons learned that everyone can appreciate. Queue it up, listen in, #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother

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    S2E17 - The Elegant Erkel Episode

    We been gone for a min but we back wit the jumpoff - Baka sits down with @shwtyblck and @modjodo of Elegant Erkel Neckwear (@niceknot). El and Black take us through their come up and drop gems on being black business owners. Gon head and queue it up. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother #SPOOKS3 is coming...

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    S2E16 - Exception

    Have you ever heard a person of color described as "Articulate"? On this episode of The Spooks by the Door, Baka, EV and Devon discuss what it means to be "The Exceptional Negro" and the mind fuck that comes with it. This was Devon's last episode before heading to Berlin for grad school so tune in for these bars. Follow The Spooks by the Door everywhere at @spookspod. Subscribe, Rate, Review and be sure to #FeedAnother

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    S2E15 - Black Is The New White

    Are Black Men the White Men of Black People? Baka and crew get together and discuss Damon Young's article "Straight Black Men are the White People of Black People". This one gets heated. Tune in. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother -Baka

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    S2E14 - My OG Said

    Live from @Jjohnsonthegreat apartment, SpooksPod is in ATL to chat about our elders. @Diplowmatic joins Baka and J to rap about what it means to be an elder in today's black community and how do we age gracefully into community leaders. Also discussed: Peace to Dick Gregory No Country for Black Pride? - Jim Brown and Mike Vick on Colin Kaepernick Listen to Troll Gawds and For The Culture Podcast on all major podcast networks. Culture Push Media #StayFed #40Carries

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    S2E13 - Get Yall Mans

    We had to bring the disclaimer back! @OGBAKA_, @EVduzit, @Devonm_ and KiKi the Many Faced God sit down to discuss the events in Charlottesville. Stay Fed good people.

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    S2E12 - No Agenda

    OG Spooks @OGBaka_, @evduzit and @SorryJnine sit down and rap about whats been on they minds the past few weeks. Topics include: -Do we know too much? -Two Factor Authentication -HBO's Tone Deaf Response to "Confederate" -Community Development as a Black Gentrifier AND there might be something wrong with a lil Bump N Grind. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother Subscribe, Rate and Review on your favorite podcast listening platform and be sure to keep the conversation going with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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    S2E11 - The Candice Joy Episode

    Coming through wit the late drop --- New Spook @CandidJoy dropped in on @OGBaka_ to give some insight and food for the people. We discuss her time working on Season 2 of the hit show Insecure, black women in Hollywood and what freedom feels like. You hungry? Have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother The OG Spook @DevonM_ would like your support as he prepares to pursue his Master's Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy in Berlin. Go to to check out his personal statement and donate. #FeedAnother

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    S2E10 - Freedom Aint Free, Bruh

    Spooks is back once again with a brand new episode for the masses. @OGBaka_ is joined by @evduzit, @sorryjnine and @shwtyblck to discuss #JayZ ‘s new album #4:44 and what Freedom means to people of color. We’re back. We’re better. Play this at the BBQ, Pookie and nem need to here dis. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SpooksPod and be sure to show us some love by subscribing and reviewing on iTunes, GooglePlay and Stitcher. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother

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    The Unskrypted TV Episode

    Huh? What? @SpooksPod is that you playa?! Comin ‘cross the Himalayas?!?! #SpooksByke officially next Tuesday. Where we been? We’ll fill you in soon. In the meantime, warm up with an all new bonus episode featuring @daelasol of @unskryptedTV. Tune in as she sits with @OGBaka to discuss black media platforms, raising a child in the technology age and Baka shares a story about the first time he knew being black was “A Thing”. Curb those hunger pains and get into this appetizer. #StayFed and most importantly, #FeedAnother

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    S2E9.5 - Betsy & Miley

    SpooksByke wit the late drop. Baka grabs Devon, EV, and Dez to chat Betsy Devos at Bethune Cookman, Miley Cyrus on Hip Hop, and Dez gives his thoughts on Shea Moisture and Pepsi. Its more than a seat at the table. Y'all stay fed. -Baka @OGBaka

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    S2E9 - Trap Yoga - The Brandon Copeland Episode

    Mr. Trap Yoga himself, Brandon Copeland is back to discuss the life and times of a young black entrepreneur. As Brandon awaits the birth of his second son and enters another phase in life, he sits with Baka to tell his story, discuss the lessons learned in starting a business, and his thoughts on building a family and marriage. Egyptian Philosophy. Maslow’s Theory of Self-Actualization. Responsibility of Black Business. They don’t want you to have these bars. Follow Khepera Wellness (@KheperaWellness) on all social media outlets and follow Brandon (@BrandoFlows) on Instagram. Find out more information about Trap Yoga and more classes at

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    S2E8 - Y'all Scared?

    SpooksBack We're talking FEAR: FEAR of where our country is going. FEAR of a Black Planet. FEAR of the Black Man. FEAR and its influence on behavior. Baka, EV and Devon discuss. -Baka

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    S1E3 Bonus - Purple Reign

    Back again with a bonus unreleased discussion on The Purple One - Prince. Following his death last year, Devon and EV sat with me to discuss his impact on music, the black community, and what can we learn from him about self worth. I told y'all, these meals never get cold. #StayFed

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    S2E7 - Corporate Thuggin

    For the corporate thugs out there. Philly and Tierra join Baka to talk offices. professionalism and micro-aggressions. Press Play and Stay Fed. -Baka @OGBaka

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    S2E1 Bonus - Who You Callin A Female?

    Started as a side and ended up the meal! In this bonus episode from our first release this season, Ebony breaks down to Baka, Devon and EV why the term "Female" is problematic and why we must hold our "conscious" leaders accountable for their views on women. More Life? MORE FOOD. Stay Fed, Brothas and Sistas -Baka @OGBaka_

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    S2E6 - Take Culture

    SpooksPod fo da '99 and da 2000. New Spooks Denise and Jackie join Ehren and Baka to discuss Drake's "More Life" and if he's a Culture Vulture. After a discussion on Cultural Appropriation, the Spooks touch on DC's missing children and community responsibility. Don't miss ya meals. #StayFed -Baka @OGBaka_

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    S2E5 Bonus - White Conscious?

    But wait there's more! In this #SpooksExtra the crew discusses "White Consciousness" with Beth. Stay Fed brothas and sistas -Baka

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    S2E5 Bonus - White Privilege

    ANOTHA ONE! In this #SpooksExtra The Crew goes deeper with Beth on interracial dating and if it is a privilege for white people to date people of other races. Snack Time. Stay Fed. -Baka

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    S2E5 - The Get Out Episode

    SpooksPod back with a discussion of the move Get Out. New guest Beth joins Baka, Devon, Janine, and Mal to discuss the impact of the movie, its reception, and if you can be Pro Black and have a relationship outside of your race. Its gets deep. Stay Fed and feed another. -Baka

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    S2.E4 - Who Gon Teach The Babies?

    @SpooksPod byke!!! The Spooks sit down to rap about all things Black Education. DC high School teacher Ms. Brittany Yarbaugh and J. Johnson of Troll Gawdz Podcast sit with the Godbody OG Baka to discuss FUTURE/HNDRXX, backlash to BET’s The Quad, and for our main discussion we tackle For-Us-By-Us education, the challenges of teaching minority students and what we must arm our children with to be successful in today’s education system. THEY widling but we not. WE just feeding the people. Stay Fed brothas and sistas -Baka

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    S2E3 - Where Is The Love?

    On this episode the Spooks slow it down to talk to y'all about Love in the black community. Ms. B and @RogerAnthonyArt join Baka and EV to talk the impact of love on the black community, black men and the expression of love, and where can found in the black power movement? Follow @RogerAnthonyArt on IG for more information on his upcoming show "I Know Love" Subscribe, Share. Review! -Baka

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    The Master Peace Beats Episode

    SpooksPod is back with a bonus episode to get you through. Baka sits down with Justin Nicholson aka Master Peace to discuss inauguration, musical influences, and why we as a people should take care of home. Just Brothas building. Follow Justin on IG at @MasterPeaceBeats and look out for his new tape coming soon. Subscribe and review SpooksPod on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. Eat up. -Baka @OGBaka_

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    S2E2 - You Got Me?

    SpooksPod is back with S2.E2. - U Got Me? In this episode the Spooks discuss: -Emmett Till’s accuser coming clean -Migos new album “Culture” -Our lead discussion: We break down if black folks should participate in movements of other communities when some have been notorious for abandoning ours. Yea, we took it there. Show us some love by sharing and reviewing on iTunes/Stitcher. -Baka @OGBaka_

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    S2.E1- U Finna Dip?

    The Spooks by the Door is back for Season Two! back and better than ever we recap what we've been up to since our last episode and then we get down to the main discussion: With the changing demographics of America, should African Americans play a bigger role in claiming what we have built? Or should we put our focus on repatriation to African countries? Continue the conversation on our facebook page to give your opinion. And be sure to subscribe and review on iTunes. Now finish your breakfast... -Baka @OGBaka Devon @_devonm EV @evduzit Ebony @highoffthatEB

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    SpooksPod Presents...Imani

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today marks the last principle of Kwanzaa meaning Imani (Faith). Imani means to believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. For this final part in our Kwanzaa series, Ms. B, Justice and Philly joins Baka to discuss having faith in ourselves and our communities, having faith in a higher power, and how we as a people must have faith in each other to achieve success. The Spooks truly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to listen and comment on our content and episodes. Your support keeps us going. The Spooks will be back in two weeks with the launch of our official first season. Spooks by the Door Podcast is serving up soul food all next year. -Baka @OGBaka_ #SpooksPod IG: Twitter: Tumblr:

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    SpooksPod Presents...Kuumba

    Today marks the 6th night of Kwanzaa, Kuumba meaning Creativity. Throughout our history as a people, we’ve had to be creative just to survive; Create a lot from a little. To me, blacks folks and creativity go hand in hand. Its added to the lives of all people and we must continue to be creative to feed ourselves and enrich the lives of others. Today’s discussion features an interview with up and DC artist Roger Anthony. Roger sits with Baka to tell his story of going from Civil Engineer to tattoo artist to full time artist to discuss the importance of creativity in liberation and self development. Lets get into it. -Baka @OGBaka_ #SpooksPod IG: Twitter: Tumblr:

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    SpooksPod Presents...Nia

    Habari Gani! We're back for Pt. 5 of our Kwanzaa series discussing the principle Nia (Purpose). Purpose means to make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness. SpooksPod regulars Philly and Ms. B join Baka to reflect on 2016 and discuss walking in your purpose and helping others find theirs. A great conversation before we embark on 2017. Listen up and follow, comment, share! -Baka @OGBaka_ #SpooksPod New Episode: IG: Twitter: Tumblr:

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    SpooksPod Presents...Ujamaa

    Habari Gani! The Spooks are back for part 4 of our Kwanzaa series - Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics). Ujamaa means to build, maintain, and support our own stores, establishments, and businesses. For this discussion, Brandon Copeland, Founder of Khepera Wellness and Trap Yoga and Chaun Tucker, Founder and Creative Director of Greauxph rap with me about why they started their businesses and the need for more black owned resources. Government Affairs Executive Crispus Gordon, III rounds out our conversation on how do we use our community and businesses to drive our politics and agendas. Come get this food this Kwanzaa. Follow us on social media for more updates and please share! Also check out links for Khepera Wellness and Greauxph and be sure to support! -Baka @OGBaka_ #SpooksPod New Episode: IG: Twitter: Tumblr: Contact: Brandon Copeland Website: Khepera Wellness IG: Brandon IG: Contact: Chaun Tucker Website: Greauxph IG: Chaun IG:

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    SpooksPod Presents...Ujima

    Habari Gani! The Spooks by the Door are back for part 3 of our Kwanzaa series- Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility). Ujima means “to build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and solve them together”. For this discussion, Devon Blitzer and Madiagne join me again to discuss what collective work and responsibility means to them and having a collective identity vs. having a collective interest. A great debate between brothers. Check it out and be sure to check our our previous Kwanzaa series episodes on Umoja and Kujichagulia. -Baka

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    SpooksPod Presents...Kujichagulia

    Habari Gani!! The Spooks by the Door Podcast is back with the second episode in our Kwanzaa Series discussing Kujichagulia (Self Determination). Kujichagulia means to determine ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. For this discussion I brought on SpooksPod regulars Tierra, Janine, and Ehren to define Self Determination for ourselves, discuss creating our narrative, and how to instill self-determination in young women and men. Check it out and follow us on Social Media for more updates!

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    SpooksPod Presents...Umoja

    Wats up family. Ya boy Baka here. It is my great pleasure to be back on the mic for more of the Spooks by the Door Podcast. 2016 has been a year of highs and lows for the black community and has pushed many conversations that we have long had on our own to the forefront of popular culture. To round out the year, I thought it was necessary that we gather the Spooks to celebrate Kwanzaa and engage in discussion on the principles and their importance in shaping our individual character and goals as we nation build. SpooksPod is bringing you Seven all new episodes for each day of Kwanzaa to help you learn more and prepare for the new year. The first of which being Umoja meaning Unity. For this discussion I brought in chief political analyst, Devon aka Devon Blitzer, SpooksPod regular Madiagne, and new voice Searcy to discuss Unity in our communities, where it is most needed, and how do we tell our narrative when so many want to tell it for us. This is one for the books. Lets get into it. Follow the Spooks by the Door Podcast on Twitter and IG: @SpooksPod and check out our tumblr at SPOOKSBLOG COMING SOON

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    Episode 12 - Law & Order:BLM

    In this episode Da Spooks discuss the election of Donald Trump and what the American Landscape is now for People of Color. Check out behind the scenes content at and follow us on IG and Twitter: @SpooksPod Theme music provided by MP the God. Check out more of his music at Live and Love, Always in All Ways

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    Episode 11 - The Howard Homecoming Episode

    In this very special homecoming edition of Spooks by the Door, the spooks gather to discuss their time at Howard University and the importance of HBCUs in the black lives matter age. Sit back and take a listen as we reminisce and look to the future. Follow Spooks by the Door on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr at @SpooksPod.

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    Episode 8 - Blank Spaces

    Blank Spaces In this episode the Spooks discuss Lena Dunham's opinion on Odell Beckham Jr., Air BnB's new Anti-Discrimination Policies and Solange's Essay in an examination of what it is like to be a person of color in a "white space". Special thanks to all of our guests for taking the time to share their thoughts. Follow Spooks by the Door Podcast on twitter at and listen to previous episodes and more at -Baka @OGBaka_

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    Episode 7 - Kaeptain America

    In this week's episode of The Spooks by the Door we discuss Colin Kaepernick and the controversy surrounding him for not standing for the National Anthem. Special thanks to our guests Domino, Devon, and Madiagne for the discussion Interest in the Soss Bauce? Find more information at or email Theme music is provided by MP the God. Follow MP on twitter @MPtheGod or on Follow Da Spooks on Twitter @SpooksPod and find more exclusive content at

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    Episode 5 - Politics as Usual

    The playing field is now set. Trump is the Republican nominee and HRC is the Democratic nominee. Now that the conventions have come to pass, what takeaways do we have as a people going into this year's presidential elections? Who gives us the most hope for a better future? Listen to the Spooks discuss

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    Episode 4 - On Police Brutality

    The first of a continuing series on Police Brutality. The Spooks discuss the Police shootings of July 2016.

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